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   Heritage Farms Chicken
We are pleased to now offer Heritage Farms chicken - your all-Natural choice for quality & wholesomeness...

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Ask for Heritage Farms Specialty Chicken at your local meat store. More locations will be added weekly...

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 All product is shipped in a master carton
  •  Size: 22.5" Long x 17.5" Wide x 6.5" High
  •  Cardboard / Wax Impregnated
  •  Fold & Lock Lid & Bottom
  •  Re-usable
  • Whole Birds
  •  Bulk Packed or Cryovac in 4 color fully labelled bags
  •  Sized: 2.5 to 3 lb. / 3 to 3.5 lb. and 3.5 lb. and Up
  •  8 Birds per Case
  • Segments
  •  17-S Trays
  •  10 Trays per Case
  •  Bonesless Skinless Thighs
  •  Bonesless Skinless Breasts
  • Combo Packs
  •  6 Trays of Boneless Skinless Breasts
  •  4 Trays of Boneless Skinless Thighs
  • The Supreme Cut
  •  Boneless Breast with Drummette attached
  •  Half Breasts / Skin On
  •  Tray Packed or Vacuum Sealed Packaging
  •  Fresh or Frozen
  • Promotional Material

    We offer a variety of point-of-sale, hand-out and informational material for use in-store or for sales and promotional activities.

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    Cryovac Whole Bird Label
  •  Four Color
  •  Declarations:
            - Specialty Chicken
            - Home Grown
            - Air Chilled
            - Fresh or Frozen
  •  Safe Handling Instructions displayed on Back
  •  Quote on back of bag:

    "This chicken represents our commitment to provide you with the highest quality, local farm raised chickens that have ample space available for their comfort.  All of our home grown chicken are fed a nurtitious all vegetable diet that contains no animal by-products, absolutely no steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics."

    "Heritage Farms: a tradition of quality"

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    Tray Pack / Vacuum Pack Label
  •  Stick-on / Surface Label
  •  For Boneless Skinless Breasts & Thighs
  •  Declarations:
            - Specialty Chicken;
            - Home Grown;
            - Fresh or Frozen
  •  Safe Handling Instructions displayed on Back on label

  • click to enlarge
    Point of Sale "Dangler"
  •  Eye Catching "Try it!" signage
  •  Fits in price channel
  •  Also has Self Adhesive Strip for mounting
  •  Printed on heavy Plastic

  • click to enlarge
     Information Sheet
  •  Point of Sale or Handout
  •  Draws attention to product
  •  Main claims:
            - Specialty Chicken;
            - Home Grown;
            - Hormone Free;
            - No Animal By-
            - Products;
            - No Antibiotics

  •  Lamenated Gloss Finish
  •  Also availabe in "Horizontal" or "Landscape" format

  • click to enlarge
    Packaging Information Sheet
  •  Full color Photos
  •  Good for In-house Knowledge & Training
  •  Usefull for Sales Assistance
  • Corporate Office: 2784 Aberdeen Ave, Coquitlam, B.C. Canada V3B1A3 | Ph: (604) 464-0533 | Fx: (604) 464-6213